St. James’s Club Resort

Nigel Mansell with Tom McVay

Welcome from Tom McVay, the principal and developer and Nigel Mansell, first of the future members of St. James’s Club Resort.

Entrance to St. James’s Club House

The St. James’s Club Resort is an exclusive vacation destination in the heart of Central Florida, often referred to as the “vacation capital of the world” and a location that combines amusement parks, golf, world-class shopping and dining with the laid-back luxury of pools and palms and peace and quiet.

The St. James’s Club offers proximity to Walt Disney World®, Universal Studios and SeaWorld theme parks, dining, designer outlet shopping and sporting venues with the sparking blue Atlantic just an hour to the east and the fun of the Gulf of Mexico just two hours to the west. All in all, it’s the single most attractive location in all of Florida and you can make the St. James’s Club your home away from home.

St. James's Club Resort Location Map




St. James's Club Resort Pool and Clubhouse

The Club House and Pool – where you can relax and enjoy the refreshing coolness of the sparkling pool water and lap up the glorious heat of the Florida sunshine .

St. James's Club Resort - Whole Resort



The key to making your second home at The St. James’s Club is Home Share ownership, which divides the ownership of a single, highly prized piece of real property into a limited number of shares held equally by several individuals.

Home Share ownership is nothing new, but until now, Home Share ownership has been confined to very up-market sales of luxury properties around the world. In some cases, a one-month or 1/12th ownership can be priced as high as $1,250,000 for a prime property. Few of us wish to invest that much in partial ownership of a second home.

However, The St. James’s Club has brought these prices down to a more equitable price range, offering at just over $100,000 USD, a 1/6th ownership and an 8-week share in a totally refurbished luxury apartment with a host of benefits.

It’s an entirely new type of Home Share ownership. Affordable, upscale resort living for two months each year, plus some unique benefits to make the opportunity even more attractive – exchange privileges for owners and a disbursement plan that can pay the owners back a substantial portion of the money they’ve paid into their ownership.

St James's Club Resort Entrance


St James’s Club Resort has a special alliance with Interval International, the world’s leading holiday exchange company offering more than 3,000 resorts worldwide. This means that when an owner wishes to vacation elsewhere in the world, they can arrange to do so on the Internet, browsing among golf, beach, mountain and urban resort properties in every corner of the world. Of course, exchange is merely an option. With your second home in the ideal holiday location, you may not wish to miss a minute of the fun of an extended stay so close to so many attractions.

What is Home Share-exchange?

It is an online, owner-to-owner network of property owners, united for the purpose of exchanging use of vacation homes and Home Shareshares. Listings on any of the Home Share-Exchanges consist of vacation homes, apartments and even yachts, wholly-owned or Home Share-owned. Beach, ski, metropolitan, mountains and adventure – your choices are endless.

St. James's Club Resort - Main Entrance


Your Ownership

Part of the appeal of Home Share ownership is that ownership is completely aggravation free. In addition to having a staff for personalized service at your disposal, at a private residence club you never have to worry about repairs, maintenance or housekeeping. Everything is included in the annual fees and taken care of by the professional management company.

Remember that Home Share ownership should not be confused with time share.

There is little comparison between the two forms of tenure ie: Home Share or Time Share, however Home Share can be in several forms, deeded with long term lease. The demographics indicate that most buyers want an exit after 15 years.

Time share is commonly sold in single weeks, mostly with up to 51 different occupants in a property in one year so heavy on wear and tear.

Membership in St. James’s Club Resort is a secure way of acquiring and owning a 1/6th membership in a luxury apartment, with a 99 year lease in the name of the individual owners. In the case of our unique program, each individual property will be in a separate company and owned by its owner/members. Provisions are made for individual buy ins and buy outs.  The benefits are many in that maintenance expenses are decreased significantly and there is full Title Insurance issued on all properties.

The purchase is 100% secured by the long-term 99-year lease, and title insurance is valid until re-sale.

St. James's Club Resort - Aerial View

The St. James’s Club Resort at US Highway 192 and Feltrim Court is being completely remodeled and refurbished. It’s about to become a genuine four-star resort.

Originally constructed in 2008, the property was a well-established gated resort property. Now, it will be new all over again, upgraded and remodeled, reconceived for its new owners and remodeled to exacting standards and an unprecedented taste level.

The St. James’s Club Resort comprises of 80 luxurious two and three bedroom apartments.

With communal pool, club house and the amenities

Minutes from The Walt Disney World Resort

30  minutes from either Universal Studios and the Orlando International Airport.

Minutes from international shopping, dining and golf courses.

Furnished with luxurious fixtures, furniture and linens

Why owning a (fraction) of a property at St. James’s Club Resort makes perfect sense

The location is a few minutes to the internationally celebrated Walt Disney World® complex, complete with amusement and water parks, shopping and dining facilities

A perfect getaway location for families with young children (and those young enough at heart to appreciate it) plus the universal appeal of Florida’s year-round sunshine.

Many other local attractions to keep families and children entertained. SeaWorld®, Universal Studios, water parks, limitless shopping, plus golf and other recreation facilities and now LEGOLAND®, in Winter Haven.

The purchase is 100% secured by the real estate.

Central Florida is a haven for international tourists, Canadian and eastern seaboard residents.

Over 113 million visitors to Florida in 2016 – Orlando Sentinel.

Maintenance expenses are reduced by the division of 4 – 6 members per single apartment.

Interval International affiliations and exchange program to 3,000 Resorts Worldwide.

Private and Exclusive Club atmosphere.

Nigel Mansell and Ton McVay


“Nigel Mansell would like to offer his best wishes and luck to Tom McVay, the developer of St. James’s Club Resort and the oncoming St. Andrews’ Club Resort.”

 Nigel is of course also a prior owner of a Golf Club in the UK and is a British former racing driver who won both the Formula One World Championship 1992 and the CART Indy Car World Series in 1993. This was a world first, as no-one had ever won the two championships in successive years.

A truly tremendous feat.


2 & 3 bedroom units

St. James's Club Resort - Unit Features

The development is completed, but will be fully renovated.

  • Two full baths in each unit
  • Ceramic tile entries, kitchens and baths
  • Fully equipped kitchens with all appliances, crockery, flatware and a gourmet assortment of cooking all cooking utensils
  • Ceiling fans in living area and bedrooms
  • Washer and dryer in each unit
  • All units have private patios or balconies
  • Elevator in all buildings



The St. James’s Club is in the Walt Disney World resort corridor. The development was initially built as a condominium rental community and it has been operated as long term rentals during the past few years.  62 Resort has determined that the best use of the property is conversion into a luxury Home Share resort, renamed The St. James’s Club Resort.

In converting to a luxury Home Share resort the property will undergo a multi-million dollar (USD) extensive renovation of the unit interiors as well as the exterior amenities.  The interior renovations will include granite counters, crown molding, premium appliances and flooring, and premium furnishings and fixtures.  The exterior renovations will include upgraded clubhouse and fitness center with new furnishings, upgraded swimming pool area with new furnishings, sound system, and resort grill area, gated access and lush landscaping throughout. The property name changes are taking place mid 2017 with official launch soon after.

As an incentive to the first buyers of Home Share ownership in The St. James’s Club Resort, a significant ‘pre-launch’ discount is offered to the first 36 purchasers. After this initial sales period, the Club will offer its normal value prices to subsequent purchasers.

Therefore, it will be prudent to become one of the first founder members of this luxury development at the St. James’s Club Resort.



St James's Club Resort - Whole Resort
3 Bedroom apartment typical floorplan



St. James’s Club Resort