What is Home Share

There are many differences between a Home Share and a Timeshare. In the past several years, the timeshare industry has had much negative publicity in the UK and especially in Spain. So, it is important to understand the differences between the two types of real estate investments.

Perhaps the most distinct difference between the two is the number of owners involved. Timeshares typically allow up to 51 owners. By contrast, home share ownership programs are less than 8 owners per unit, meaning owners visit the property more frequently and stay longer. At St. James Club Resort, there are only 6 owners per apartment home.

Higher quality also distinguishes home share ownership from timeshares. In general, fractional home share investments include larger apartments or homes, more amenities and better finishes. Higher quality construction and finishes, coupled with more resources for maintenance and management, and fewer users, tends to keep the property looking good and operating smoothly. By comparison, timeshare properties often degrade over time, causing them to become less desirable for original purchasers and lose most or all resale value. This degradation results from lower initial quality, inadequate maintenance and management, and higher user traffic.

In summary, the most noted differences between Timeshares and Home Share are:

  • Home Share ownership allows more usage than timeshare for each owner each year
  • Home Share ownership has fewer owners than timeshare
  • Home Share ownership is typically offers better quality construction and amenities


Home Share Ownership and Timeshare

Wouldn’t it be great to own an exclusive piece of Orlando real estate while only paying for your proportional use? Now you can, at St. James’s Club Resort home share program

Home Share ownership is the fastest growing segment of real estate in the world today. It allows you to enjoy the world’s best resort locations, while owning your own vacation home at a fraction of the real cost.  It also provides all the financial benefits of ownership and making a long-term investment in real property, without the huge upfront, or ongoing expenses.

Ownership at St. James’s Club Resort gives you a 1/6 ownership in a luxurious, furnished 2 or 3 bedroom apartment home. It is not a timeshare, but real equitable ownership!  As an owner, you’ll receive 8 full weeks vacation in your own Orlando resort home.

Besides the enjoyment of owning your own vacation home, Home Share at St. James’s Club Resort provides a unique financial opportunity. Owners are guaranteed a minimum 5% return for first 2 years. Where else can you enjoy such a guaranteed return on your investment and get a holiday home for your family to enjoy every year? Ja

Why is Home Share becoming so popular?

Although many people dream of owning vacation property, most either can’t afford it, or reason that they would not use the vacation home often enough to justify the expense. Home Share ownership provides a solution to these problems by allowing each co-owner to pay only a fraction of the costs and ongoing expenses of vacation home ownership.

Home Share ownership is also increasingly popular among those who already own a vacation home (or even a primary residence in a resort community) but feel burdened by the expense, upkeep and management of a property they use infrequently. It’s the ideal solution to pay for only the time you actually use the vacation home as well as spare yourself the expense & headaches of maintenance and upkeep of the property.

Unlike a timeshare, vacation rental or even a vacation home, St. James’s Club Resort gives you a one-sixth undivided, deeded interest in a luxurious apartment home in Florida’s premier vacation spot – Orlando. And you can enjoy this without the worries or financial commitment associated with traditional home ownership. You’ll also enjoy all of the St. James’s amenities at a fraction of the cost of traditional vacation home ownership with no hassle of maintenance or upkeep.

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